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2017 Union County Fair Demolition Derby

Friday and Saturday August  25th & 26th

Presented By Baker Racing

Joshua & Beverly Baker

Rules And Regulations

2017 Union County Fair Demolition Derby

Friday and Saturday August 25th&26th at 7pm.

Presented By Baker Racing

Joshua & Beverly Baker

Rules and Regulations

1. Baker racing has the right to refuse any entry or spectator admittance.

2. All cars should be signed in and inspected at least 1hr. Before race time. Late fee of $100 will apply to drivers. This will help the derby to start on time.

3. An entry fee of $40 will charged for each car entered and $40 for each passenger. Fees must be paid prior to inspection. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE DUE TO FAILURE TO MEET REGULATIONS.

4. All persons MUST sign entry form, insurance waiver, release form, pay entry fees, and purchase pit passes before entering pit areas.

5. All drivers and riders must be 18 years or older. Must be able to provide proof of age if asked for by officials. Anyone under 18 years old MUST have a parent or guardian sign a minor waiver and release form. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. No alcohol allowed in the pits. This includes pit crews. If you or your pit crew is caught with alcohol you will be disqualified.

7. No harassing of the judges will be allowed at any time by drivers, passengers, crew members, or spectators. Failure to abide by this rule will cause a forfeit of drivers entry and or winnings and all involved will be removed from premises.

8. No hot-rodding in the pits! Keep it at an idle!

9. You must have at least a 15” x 15” roof sign with your car number on it.

10. You must make an aggressive hit every 60 seconds.

11. Any open door or second fire will be a cause for disqualification. If we run heats and this happens you will be allowed to fix it and return in the consi.

12. Top three winning cars must remain on track until released by officials. Cars are subject to re-inspection before any prize money is handed out. Cars found illegal will be stripped of all prize money.

13. NO HITTING IN DRIVERS DOOR OR PASSENGER DOOR IF CAR HAS A PASSENGER IN IT. There is no using door as a shield also. If the hit is deemed to be careless or intentional you will be disqualified. If you use your door as a defense we will not enforce this rule.

14. SANDBAGGING IS NOT TOLERATED AND WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! Locking up brakes prior to a hit for anything other than a drivers door (or passengers if a rider is present) will be a cause for disqualification.

15. If you think someone is sandbagging hit them with your car on the track.

16. Any questions or controversies will be discussed at drivers meeting.

17. All drivers must attend drivers Meeting.

18. All drivers must pick up winning and trophies at completion of event or they will be forfeited. They will not be available at a later date.

19. No reinforcements allowed other than specified below. Any metal added to car to reinforce the car is illegal.






1. You may use any car or station wagon except for imperials, suicide Lincolns, hearses or imperial sub-frames. 03 and up vics are allowed and can change cradle but cradle must be bolted in not welded.

2. Must remove all glass, mirrors and plastic. Remove all decking in station wagons. Vehicles must be swept clean of all debris.

3. No sedagons. YOU CAN CRESAE BODY. Need 2 holes in hood incase of fire and one in trunk for inspection.

4. Hoods must be open for inspection.

5. You can remove anything from cars but can not add anything unless stated.

6. Doors and trunks(or gates on wagons) can be welded 6 on 6 off with maximum 2” x 1/8” strapping.

7. You may use 2 pieces of 1” maximum all thread outboard of radiator in factory body mount holes. These may go from hood through frame in these positions. You can in addition to the all thread have a maximum of 4- ½” x 6” bolts secure hood(2 per side) for a maximum of 6 bolts holding hood including all thread. You can also use up to 6” long pieces of angle iron back to back with a bolt through them to hold hood in place of the 4- ½” bolts.

8. YOU MAY REPLACE ALL BODY MOUNTS with maximum Ύ inch bolts and up to 6 inch plates for washers. You may use maximum of 2 sticks of all thread (1 INCH MAX.) in the front and 4 PIECES OF (1 INCH MAX) IN REAR FROM TOP OF DECKLID OR HOOD THROUGH FRAME. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO USE 8 PIECES OFANGLE IRON WITH 3/8BOLTS IN TRUNK INSTEAD OF ALLTHREAD IF YOU CHOOSE.

9. Must have #9 wire, chain or piece of metal from cowl to top of car to prevent hood from entering inside of car.

10. No welding on frame except for mounting bumpers and YOU MAY WELD FRAME SEAMS FROM A-ARMS FORWARD.

(A) All suspension should remain stock except for reinforcing tie-rods. Must start with factory tie-rod and strengthen from there.

(B) May use up to 2 twist in spring spacers per side to gain ride height.(store bought only) or you can weld one piece of 2” strap per side from upper a-arm to frame to gain ride height. Suspension give is up to driver.

11. You can use #9 wire or weld a small piece of strap to hold coil springs to rear-end to prevent them from falling out. Leaf cars may use 4 single strands of #9 wire as leaf clamps or use factory leaf clamps.( no exceptions)

12. YOU MAY TILT FRAMES .When tilting you can cold bend or cut but if you decide to cut you can only weld cut spot single pass only. (NO PLATING)



15. You are allowed 30 bolts to bolt fenders together and 30 additional bolts to bolt hood skin to hood inner support.

16. Prerans are allowed one 4x6 plate per side to fix bent frames but you must be able to see where the frame is bent to be able to use patch plates.


1. Any drive train allowed with the following criteria.

2. Only the lower stock engine mounts may be welded to cradle only. You may use two ½” thick spacers to raise engine to clear steering components but cannot exceed the rubber mount area. You can extend off back of cradle but nothing excessive. ½” flat plate only (for example SBC in caddys or mopars)

3. TRANS PROTECTORS OK, Crossmembers can be bolted or welded in. You can use stock cross member or channel, angle, or square tubing to make one.

4. You may use any OEM auto rear-end of choice (Floaters ok) You can brace rear end if wanted. You can weld different brackets on rear-end for example coil mounts on a leaf rear-end.

5. You may run a chain from rear end to frame but nothing through the body. 5/16” diameter chain maximum.

6. Aftermarket floor shifters, headers, and gas pedals allowed but none of which may strengthen car.

7. Engine cradles and pulley protectors ok. If you choose to run one on your motor you must cut dash out (2 INCHES WIDER) then DP on both sides. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED

8. You may swap engines brands (For example chevy in a ford.)

9. Any driveshaft and u-joint is allowed and may be cut and welded to length. (sliders ok). Pinion brakes are ok.



1. You can have up to a 4 point cage (60” side bars max.) with 4 down tubes (Welded to body only NOT FRAME). You can also have a fuel tank protector but it cannot be as wide as interior of car.(MAKE IT WIDE ENOUGH TO PROTECT FUEL CELL NOT THE ENTIRE INSIDE OF CAR. DO NOT GO DOOR TO DOOR.) You can also have a halo bar.

2. Gas tank and battery must be moved, secured and covered with fuel tank behind seat and maximum of 2 batteries mounted in passenger floor compartment. (NO PLASTIC FUEL TANKS) Nothing can be mounted in a way it strengthens car.

3. Trans coolers are allowed but have to be mounted in rear seat area and meet approval by officials.

4. You can run an aftermarket steering column or an OEM steering column and you can add one knuckle to factory column. If one is present already like on a ford you cannot add one.




1. Any OEM automobile bumper can be used and can be loaded or homemade bumpers are ok as long as they do not have an excessive point.

2. Bumper shocks can be collapsed and welded. All shocks and brackets must be in stock location. You can hard-nose bumpers. We don’t want loose bumpers on the track.

3. You can weld bumper bracket to frame 4” from back of bumper, single pass only. In addition you may put 4 one 1” welds on back side of bracket or to weld shock inside frame.(example Crown Vics.)

Again all bumper brackets and shocks must be in stock location. If your car didn’t come with a shock like the 71 chevys you can use a 74-76 bracket mounted in stock location with stock bolts. No extra welding except what is listed above.

4. You can have one piece of chain from bumper to frame to prevent falling off or 2 strands of #9 wire per side from bumper to core support. (ONE NOT BOTH)

5. You can weld a piece of pipe or tubing to side of frame to mount bumpers but cannot be longer then stock bumper mounts.



1. Forklift and skidder tires are allowed

2. Valve stem protectors are allowed, along with 7” aftermarket centers.

3. Liquid in tires is allowed. Studs and screws in rims to hold tires in place are also allowed. 16” or smaller tires and no split rims. Bead locks are ok.





1.You are allowed to weld a oem bumper of choice (no stuffing or plating bumper) flush to end of frame. You can collapse bumper shocks and weld around them single pass only. You can also weld bumper brackets onto frame single pass only. (NO STUFFING OF FRAMES WE WILL BE SCOPING THEM). You can have 2 strands of #9 wire or piece of chain per side from bumper to core support or bumper brackets to keep bumper from falling off.

2. You are allowed 2 pieces of 3/4inch max all thread through front frame rail to top of hood plus you can have 4 additional spots of #9 wire or chain to secure hoods.

3.You can have maximum of 4 point cage that does not extend more then 12” behind seat. You can add a fuel tank protector but it can only be wide enough to protect tank not from door to door. You can also have a halo bar.

4. Fuel tank must be removed and a metal boat or metal fuel cell mounted in rear seat area. Battery (maximum of 2) needs to be mounted in passenger floorboard.

5. Suspension must remain stock and unaltered. You may weld shock shafts or add spring spacers to raise ride height. Must have stock steering columns and stock pedals as well.

6. You can run tires of choice.

7. No crease enhancements but you may prebend trunk to make it bend the way you desire but quarter panels must be standing up in stock location. (no beating quarters down). You can have maximum of 6 pieces of #9 wire or chain to secure trunk.(no all thread in rear. Keep stock body mounts)

8. Body mounts must remain stock and unaltered except for 2 all thread pieces in front.

9. You may run motor and trans of choice but no protectors and must be mounted in stock location with oem style mounts. Trans mounts and trans cross members need to remain stock also.




1. Same as big cars except as follows

2. Must be powered by four or six cylinder engine only.

3. Wheelbase must be 108 inches or less. NO EXCEPTIONS

4. No 4 wheel drive vehicles.

5. All mod minis must have a minimum of a 4 point cage. You can have a fuel tank protector and halo bar but that is optional.

6. Stock gas tank must be removed and a metal boat tank or homemade metal tank must be mounted in rear seat area and mounted with metal straps or bolted down well.

7. All lines under car must be steel lines or if running rubber lines they must be inside car.

8. If OEM bumper did not have brackets just bolts you can have homemade bumper brackets and they may go 6” maximum from back side of bumper and into sub frame. (DO NOT STUFF UNIBODY OR SUBFRAME WE WILL BE SCOPING THEM TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT STUFFED.) You can use any OEM bumper and you can load them or you can run homemade bumpers but no excessive points. Brackets can be welded solid to uni-body.

9. No pipes over struts.

10. You may weld strut shaft to make car set up higher.(suspension give is up to drivers.)

11. Absolutely no kickers.

12. Full frame minis can cold pitch frame and tilt bodies maximum of 6”.



1. 108” Wheelbase or less FWD only. (NO FRAMERS)

2. Bumpers must remain stock that came with car and unaltered. No welding or reinforcing. (NO STUFFING UNIBODIES WE WILL BE SCOPING THEM). You can have 2 strands of #9 wire per side from bumper to core support to keep bumper from falling off. (IF CAR CAME WITH PLASTIC BUMPER YOU MAY ADD ANOTHER COMPACT BUMPER BUT MUST BE BOLTED ON IDENTICAL AS STOCK ONE. NO BUMPERS OFF A FRAME MINI. MUST BE A OEM THIN ONE LIKE COMES ON FWDS.NO WELDING.

3. Doors, hood, and trunks must be held shut with chain or #9 wire only. Absolutely no welding.

4. You can have a maximum of 4 point cage that does not extend more than 12” behind seat. You can have fuel tank protector but it can only be wide enough to protect fuel cell. (NOT DOOR TO DOOR). You can also have a halo bar.

5. Fuel tank must be removed and a metal boat tank or homemade metal tank mounted in rear seat area. Battery (Maximum of 2) needs to be mounted in passenger floorboard.

6. Suspension needs to remain stock other than you can weld strut shaft to make car sit higher.

7. You can have any tires you desire.




Super Stock Big Cars    Bone Stock Mini Cars                Mod. Mini Cars              Bone stock big cars

1st $1000.00              1st $500.00                            1st $1000.00              1st $500.00

2nd $425.00               2nd $200.00                           2nd $425.00               2nd $200.00

3rd $200.00                3rd $100.00                            3rd $200.00                3rd $100.00