Rules of the Association

1.  The Executive Committee of the Union County Fair shall have the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and settle all matters in question and differences that may arise in connection with holding, managing or promoting the fair.  The superintendents of each department will have charge of the department and all decisions are final.

2.  In case of unfavorable weather or unavoidable cause, The Union County Fair Board has the power to postpone, continue, or call off the fair.

3.  Judge's decisions are final.  A protest may be filed through the fair board's Executive Committee, whose decisions is final.  To file a protest, a person must make it in writing with all information and post $25.  The $25 may only be refunded if the protest is sustained.  Judges are not to judge a class in which he/she has an entry.

4.  Alcoholic beverages are not sold or served on the fair grounds. 

5.  No motorized vehicles, except emergency vehicles, may be beyond the barricades after 5:00 p.m..  Unauthorized vehicles may be towed.

6.  Passes are issued to vendors renting booths or space during the fair, and are only issued after payment has been made to the vendor supervisor.

7.  Every article exhibited during the fair will be under the fair's control until 3:00 p.m. the Sunday after the fair, but the fair will not be responsible for loss or damage that may occur.  Animals and articles that are removed without the consent of the Executive Committee, or state inspector before the end of the fair will lose the premium award. 

8.  Entry fees, stall rent and exhibitor's tickets are to be paid for when entries are made.  All entrants are required to leave complete, up to date addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers in case premiums total over $600.  If an entry is made in the wrong class, the Superintendent of the Department or supervisor of the class may move the entry to the correct class for judging.

9.   Exhibitors may enter any number of animals or articles in the fair, but not more than 2 animals or articles in the same class.

10.  Junior Livestock entries have separate rules listed in the Junior Livestock section.

11.  All livestock must follow the Illinois Department of Agriculture rules.

12.  Every class with entries is to be judged, even with only one entrant in the class, and it will receive top placing in the class.  If the judge deems the exhibit offensive or obscene, it can be disqualified, with a loss of the entry fee.

13.  Department superintendents will receive materials for each class from the fair office before actual judging takes place, and then will promptly return the materials to the fair office for processing.

14.  Exhibitors must personally sign the premium statement in the presence of a fair officer, board member or employee of the fair.  A representative may be assigned for the person receiving the check.  Proof must be shown as to the wishes of the exhibitor receiving the check.

Checks are to be picked up on the last Sunday of the fair from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm in the office.