2016 Board of Directors and Officers, Office Staff, and Department  Superintendents



The Executive Committee:

President:  Mike Yates

Vice President:  Halford Dillow

Secretary:  Walter Jackson

Treasurer:  Mike Meisenheimer



Directors with terms expiring in 2017:

Chris Hodges, Halford Dillow, Edwin Eddleman, Kevin Washer, Bill Clutts

Directors with terms expiring in 2018:

Ron Knupp, Mike Meisenheimer, Scott Wilson, Mike Yates, Daniel Theis, John Garner

Directors with terms expiring in 2019

Keith Ellis, Terry Henderson, Walter Jackson, Paul Rich, Jack Steele, Dale Moreland



Office Staff:  Susan Belcher, Linda Knupp, Marilyn Meisenheimer and Mary Ann Stout.


Superintendents of Each Classification:

Concession Manager:  Scott Wilson

Department A, Beef Cattle: Halford Dillow

Department B, Dairy Cattle:  Dale Moreland

Department C, Heavy Horses:  Scott Ury

Department E Jacks, Jennets, Mules:  Scott Ury

Department F, Sheep:  Paul Rich

Department H, Junior Livestock:

Beef: Travis Schultz and Daniel Theis

Dairy: Mark Mowery

Swine: Paul Rich and Evan Barnhart

Sheep: Carl Dillow and Barbara Throgmorton

Horses: Angi Bunch

Junior Tractor Operators: Edwin Eddleman, Daniel Theis

Department I, Poultry:  Bob Caraker

Department J, Agricultural Products:  David Nave

Department K, Horticulture:  David Nave

Department L, Floriculture-Horticulture:  Stephanie Theis

Department M, Fine Arts: Stephanie Theis

Department N, Education and Natural History: Lori Rich

Department O, Apiary and Culinary:  Lois Clutts and Jane Bauer

Department P, Junior Department:  Stephanie Theis

Department Q, Tractor Pull: Daniel Theis

Department Q1, Truck Pull: Daniel Theis

Department Q2, Antique Tractor Pull: Dale Moreland, Daniel Theis, and assistant Dusty Miller

Department R, Gaited and Western Horse Show:  Mike Meisenheimer

Department Z, Rodeo:  Halford Dillow

Queen Pageant: Janice Osman and Mike Meisenheimer

Drones, Bots and Automatons: Ron Knupp

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